Can a food processor liquify vegetables and fruit?

I just tried to liquify some celery and broccoli, but I still have tiny chunks. Is there anything that I can do other than straining or using a blender?



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Some things will be beyond a food processor's ability. But if you are liquifying vegetables it would help if it is fully cooked, and a little additional liquid is added in. You will also need to run the processor a lot longer. Once again some vegetables will be beyond a processor's ability. Hope this helps.
SKK January 2, 2013
A Vita-Mix is the best and it lasts for decades. I make green drinks all the time. Blenders don't have the power.
Maedl January 2, 2013
The blender is probably the best alternative. Food processors are not made to juice fruit or vegetables--they don't remove the pulp from the liquid.
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