What can I do to adapt this for the lactards in my family? Lactaid makes everything too sweet. Do you think simmering in goat's milk would work?



Rebecca C. February 10, 2013
i agree with ATG117 on the coconut milk. almond milk wasn't my first choice but, it was what i had. i really think rice milk is the non-dairy, creamy way to go. then, either add the cream, if you can stomach the small lactose dose or, just use the leftover, hot rice milk.
ATG117 February 10, 2013
I dont think I would substitute almond or coconut milk, but would probably opt fro vegetable stock.
Rebecca C. February 10, 2013
i did this recipe with 2c. water, 1c. almond milk, and 1c. cow's milk and it was fine. i think doing it with rice milk would be really tasty.
SeaJambon January 2, 2013
Agree with Kristen. Alternately, if you want to go with a more "milky" substitute (and assuming no nut allergies) you might go with Almond Milk (plain -- NOT vanilla) or even coconut milk.
Kristen M. January 2, 2013
I haven't cooked much with goat milk, but maybe someone else could chime in who has. I think this would still be lovely simmered in good vegetable or chicken stock.
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