Right goat milk for making chèvre?

Can I use ultra pasteurized goat milk for making fresh goat cheese?



Hillary H. August 31, 2013
Hello. I came across this post researching what to do with some ultra-pasteurized goat milk I bought. I had planned on making traditional cultured chevre, but accidentally bought ultra-pasteurized goat milk. I wanted to find a good way to use the ultra-pasteurized milk, and came across this recipe: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/02/how-to-make-goat-cheese-recipe.html. I noticed that the author used Meyenberg goat milk, the same ultra-pasteurized kind I had, so I went for it. I am impressed with the result. My cheese has a consistency between cream cheese and ricotta. 1/2 gallon of milk made 12 oz of cheese (1.5 cups). It's delicious. In the future, I will try to find goat milk that hasn't been ultra-pasteurized, but when ultra is all that's available, the simple goat cheese recipe I found works great!
puresugar November 27, 2012
Just made some cajeta with that Rick Bayless recipe. Wow! It's awesome! I'm eating some right now over yogurt. Thank you!
hardlikearmour November 27, 2012
Yum! Glad you found a good use for your goat's milk!

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SallyCan November 11, 2012
Cajeta sounds interesting. Hardlikearmour is right: many people do advise against using UP milk for cheesemaking, and it's very likely that your curds won't set up. You might have better luck making a yogurt cheese, by making your goats milk into yogurt, and then draining it in a cheesecloth lined sieve to a thickness that you like. I've never used UP milk in cheesemaking, but you could give the fresh goat cheese a try anyway, and If it doesn't set up, then you could most likely still use it for something else. Goats milk is delicious when used in your regular recipes - it can be used to make a lovely white sauce or bechamel that you could put on pasta or use as a base for a souffle. It's heavenly in a garlic custard, and could also be used in a quiche. You could even use it in an old-fashioned gelatin mold, perhaps with some avocado and chives, that could be eaten as a salad or as a spread. And if you're really adventurous, you could churn it into ice cream.
puresugar November 11, 2012
Thank you! That's the book I'm using, but I didn't make a specific note on my grocery list. I was at WF, but I passed TJ on the way home (darn)! What can I make with the UP goat milk instead?
hardlikearmour November 11, 2012
Cajeta! http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/view?recipeID=242
hardlikearmour November 11, 2012
Per Mary Karlin, author of Artisan Cheese Making at Home ultra-pasteurized milk won't work. It won't form proper curds. http://www.artisancheesemakingathome.com/cheesemaking-milk.html
I'm pretty sure Trader Joe's carries regular pasteurized goat milk.
Amanda H. November 11, 2012
puresugar, I emailed one of our members who's very experienced with making cheese. Hope she'll weigh in, or that another cheesemaker will soon!
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