Boneless skinless Chicken breast

Kind of a dumb question. I once made this great chicken breast recipe w egg wash, flour and breadcrumbs... And the last few times my results have been terrible! The breading gets gooey not crispy ... Not juicy at all. What's your secret? I was planning on dressing in flour, egg wash, breadcrumbs seasoned, and then pan fry a few mins each side and then bake. What would you say to such a plan? How long to bake ? I know 350 for 30 is ideal but what if you pan fry ahead of tkme? Do you think cast iron skillet is best? How do you like egg wash etc if at all?

I just want perfect results, I'm tired of failing at something so simple !

  • Posted by: bridget
  • March 18, 2015


bridget March 19, 2015
Thank you everyone! It turned out great this time. I think maybe my oil wasn't hot enough before, or maybe I was overflouring....regardless, they were delicious! I want to try brining next time though, because my husband still maintains the chicken thighs I make are much juicier (which I suppose is nature of thighs, but I want to try regardless).
Matt S. March 19, 2015
Make sure the oil you fry it in initially is hot enough. If it isn't, the breading will soak up the oil, making your chicken soggy.
Fat T. March 19, 2015
One other tip for super moist chicken is to brine it.
For a couple of breasts that I'm going to do in the over I give it about 8 hours, for a whole turkey at lease 24 hrs.
You can do a simple brine of salt and water, amp it up a bit and with some Montreal Steak Seasoning or push the limits a and use Guinness.
Kristen W. March 19, 2015
I usually let the breaded chicken sit on a rack for five minutes before I cook it. Can't remember where I got this idea (or frankly, if it's even correct), but I have some recollection of reading somewhere that this helps the coating to stick. Also, to reiterate what others have said, make sure your pan is really hot. Also agree that using panko helps. Personally, I like to cut the breasts in half horizontally, pound them out, and just cook them in the pan.
inpatskitchen March 18, 2015
That's exactly how I do it! Brown them up with the flour, egg wash and seasoned crumbs and then bake them at 350F for about 20 minutes. I use a nonstick skillet. Just make sure your oil is hot.

JulieS March 18, 2015
Hi Bridget. Your method should work and cast iron skillet is a great way to get that initial crisp. I like to season the chicken breast first then dredge in flour, then egg wash (a tsp of dijion mustard in there is nice), then the breadcrumbs.. My suggestions would be to try panko breadcrumbs, to make sure the chix breasts are thin and to reduce the oven time to about 20 minutes.
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