how long does it take to defrost a turkey? If I start defrosting at 7pm tonight what is the best procedure. it is about 20 lbs.

  • Posted by: lizalu
  • November 23, 2010


Soozll November 23, 2010
The minute you get home from work (if you work!) get a bucket( or an old cooler) and fill it half full of room temp water, place the turkey (still in it's wrapper. I put mine into an additional plastic bag as well) and put it breast-end down into the bucket of room temp water, fully submerged. Add more water to potentially cover it. Change the water every 30 minutes (as advised by the experts). When it's time to go to bed, put the turkey back into the refridgerator whether it's fully thawed or not. When you get home tomorrow, if it still feels like it might be frozen..start the process again. They say it takes about 1/2 hour per pound, I think, to thaw a turkey this way.
TheMimi November 23, 2010
I've been told that cold water is the fastest. If you don't need your sink for a while, I'd put it in the sink with cold water and add water every once in a while.
mrslarkin November 23, 2010
Stick it in the fridge right now!
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