Blanching whole garlic bulbs

Last night I was blanching kale from my garden and accidentally threw in a whole garlic bulb. It blanched 3 minutes and then went into a water bath. It certainly was easy to peal. My question is does the blanching impact the taste negatively? I would roast this bulb. Thanks in advance.

  • Posted by: SKK
  • January 11, 2013


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Sam1148 January 11, 2013
It will sweeten the garlic and mellow it out. Not negative IMHO, infact I think for late winter garlic we're getting stuff that has been stored quite a while--and with the seasons the winter garlic can be sulfury and bitter.
I have the same problem with late winter onions which have been stored a long time and taste very strong. Even the late winter red-onions which are normally rather mild in salsas; this time of year they can be mind jarringly hot and bitter.
SKK January 11, 2013
Thanks, Sam!
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