Any suggestions on how to cook a 3 lb. boneless turkey breast?

The breast does have a thin layer of fat on the top. It is brining as I type this question .




Daria F. January 15, 2013
i would go with the Dutch oven, chicken broth, apple cider and quartered apples or peaches. I made thigh like this (browning first) and it was delicious
Daria F. January 15, 2013
I would use dutch oven. brown it first and then cook with apple cider, peaches or apples.. may be I like cooking with apples too much though.. but I tried it with the thigh and my husband liked it a lot
bigpan January 14, 2013
I agree with butter under the skin, rather than a bacon wrap - unless you like your turkey to taste like bacon.
I have had great success in cooking turkey pieces on high heat, especially breast, so the meat cooks before getting any chance of drying out. 425F works fine for me, but keep an eye on it.
Crisping the skin can be done under the broiler if not crisped enough by baking.
susanm January 14, 2013
you could also butterfly the breast, stuff and tie back up. then do the herb butter thing and roast on a bed of veggies...celery, carrot, fennel. will give you good juices for a light gravy when it's done.
aargersi January 14, 2013
Yeah up under the skin would be great! Then at 350 on a rack to 160 degrees ... I like basting too. I would baste. Fennel would be tasty roasted in that pan too!
theicloudchef January 14, 2013
aargersi January 14, 2013
Well no surprise on my answer - wrpa it in bacon and roast it! Bacon makes everything better. Do you have skin on or skin off? You could make a compound herb butter as well, and throw some veggies and maybe some white wine in the pan and roast them all together. Are you doing a plain salt and sugar brine?
theicloudchef January 14, 2013
The skin is on. I like your idea of the herb butter...Maybe putting it under the skin. What are you thoughts about cooking it on a rack in a roasting pan?
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