Swiss health bread

I had incredible bread, apparently the Swiss Health Bread from a NYC bakery, on a recent trip...and have no idea how to bake it, but really want to. Can anyone help? It had that kind of moist, dense, bubbly (not big air bubbles) texture from I think seeds/whole grains, and was darkish brown (not pumpernickel) and was FANTASTIC toasted. And I'm in London, so am relying on you, my beloved Food52 allies, to think of solutions...

  • Posted by: Scoff
  • January 15, 2013


Jack Z. October 12, 2016
You're thinking of Orwashers' Swiss health bread in NYC. They sell it retail and wholesales you can find it all around the city. Here's there diescription:
"Pulling from European influences, the Swiss Health Bread is a dense loaf with a rich multigrain texture. The whole wheat base is packed with flax seed, oats and sunflower seeds, then a touch of honey is added to balance out these nutty flavors."

From their bread label, they use a Sourdough starter that they cultivate themselves. That explains the high moisture content too.
Maedl January 15, 2013
It is difficult to tell from your description, but could it be a Bauernbrot or Landbrot? These are usually sourdough ryes mixed with some wheat flour. They are baked in wood-burning ovens, usually in huge, round loaves (which weigh betwen 5 and 10 pounds). I vaguely remember seeing them in London--may have been at Borough Market, but I am not sure since I get plenty of that bread at home and wouldn't be likely to try it in England.
Scoff January 15, 2013
YES i did! do you know it? and if so do you think the recipe you've linked to is similar? I've asked them for advice but no reply yet, and want to recreate it...
sdebrango January 15, 2013
I go there often, their bread is delicious. I have had the swiss bread but it was years ago and looking at the recipe sounds like it could be similar. Using the levain will produce the air bubble look I think. If I come across another recipe will post that link also.
Tea February 25, 2016
Yes orwashers - I buy this health bread and the Chardonnay miche all the time. It's unusually good.
sdebrango January 15, 2013
Here is a recipe from Canadian Living
Did you get the bread from Orwashers?
BoulderGalinTokyo January 17, 2013
Does look like a great recipe. We had such wonderful bread in Copenhagen Denmark! Thank you for sharing.
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