What are the best ways to use brown rice flour? For instance, in baking, how to keep the breads and other foods moist and to have a good consistency... Thanks:)

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1 Comment

Anitalectric December 5, 2011
My most common use for brown rice flour is actually not in baking but in making a roux for gravy and bechamel (i.e., for mac 'n' cheese). The nuttier flavor works better than flour and resulting consistency is just as smooth.

In baking, it is an excellent flour replacement. It has more flavor, more fiber, and is gluten-free for the growing population of celiacs. Generally, with gluten-free baking, you get the best results when you combine a few flours. I most often use brown rice, chickpea and water chestnut flours, with tapioca starch to help bind. If you are concerned with moisture, it may have more to do with other ingredients in your recipe, not the flour.

What, specifically, are you planning to bake?
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