Has anyone made these using chicken broth instead of water? I absolutely love lentils and will make these tomorrow.



Greenstuff January 16, 2013
Lentils in chicken broth are delicious, but not as a salad. One alteration I sometimes make is replacing the olive oil with walnut oil (or maybe just adding a little). It smells wonderful when you pour it onto the warm lentils.
darksideofthespoon January 16, 2013
I used water, it was simply divine. Chicken broth might make it taste like something it shouldn't, if that makes any sense.. Good luck, I know you'll enjoy it! My husband and I ate this recipe (1lb of lentils!!!) in 2 days.
luvtocook10 January 16, 2013
Thank you, good point.

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Nancy H. January 16, 2013
I respectfully suggest sticking with the recipe. If the lentils are high quality (tiny green ones from Le Puy, tiny gray ones from Castelluccio in Umbria), you want the flavor of the lentils to shine through and not be disguised by the flavor of chicken broth, even your finest home-made chicken broth. Save the broth for a risotto instead.
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