I accidentally left a pot of cooked lentils made with some leftover bone broth out on the stove overnight, 13 hours! Will it be safe to eat?



PHIL June 1, 2017
Is it worth getting sick over a pot of lentils? dump it.
Konky's C. June 1, 2017
By leaving it out and having no proper temperature control to avoid the danger zone of 41°F-135°F, you run a risk of illness. Some folks I know have gone ahead and boiled it off and consumed it... for the most part they were fine thanks to not being pre-disposed with a health condition or illness, but that whole scenario could have proven worse if one of them did.

If I were in a professional kitchen, that would have had an ice-paddle to bring it down to safe temperatures prior to refrigeration.
In my home, I have saved food-grade safe quart containers that were frozen with ice (3/4 of the way) that I use to flash-cool food.

My best advice is 'when in doubt, throw it out'...
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