I'm horribied I left a sealed ham on the counter for 2 days

I likely know the answer, but any chance this is edible? A spiral cut boneless 3 lb vaccume sealed smithfield.com ham with natural juices. I'm sick over it because it is planned for appetizer tonight for a fried chicken and mac n cheese dinner. I thought mini biscuits (possibly sweet potatoe) with ham and honey mustard would be fun. Now what? Just biscuits and maybe some brown sugar bacon would be good. I had the ham at 1/2 off and don't think there is any left, even at full price. So bummed don't know what to do. (sorry if repeat, my first post disappeared)



nutcakes January 20, 2013
Thanks cookbookchick and CHeeb. I have written smithfield.com and they are only available weekdays, so it is in the fridge until I hear back.
CHeeb January 20, 2013
Benton's hams and bacons vacuum/cryofilm sealed ,too, are somewhat shelf stable. Don't discard until you have talked to a Smithfield rep.
cookbookchick January 20, 2013
Did you check the website for the ham? I buy Oscar!s Smokehouse hams and I was surprised recently to read on their website that the ham can stay at room temp for several days before refrigeration. You could also call the manufacturer.
nutcakes January 19, 2013
huh? the chicken is made by the hostess for a party. I'm going in about an hour or so. real last minute deal here but the bacon brown sugar scones I'm making sound like a crowd pleaser.
Sam1148 January 19, 2013
Do you have some bacon in the 'fridge? Some frozen spinach? Eggs?

Make a pie crust, blind bake it. Make a quiche. Salad and serve with with the mini biscuits. Save the chicken for tomorrow night for the 'Sunday bird'; and have a good brunch with some leftover quiche and a, or a few, boody marys.
Monita January 19, 2013
I don't think it's safe to eat
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