Has anyone tried cream cheese in a quiche?

I am making a spinach tomato quiche and see that most recipes call for feta, which I don’t have at the moment (no goat cheese in the house either). I do have cream cheese I could chunk up. Thoughts? Or just stick with Swiss? Thanks!

Gail Viechnicki


drbabs July 21, 2018
Hillarybee’s Kale and quinoa quiche
calls for cream cheese, but I prefer to use yogurt. I like the tangy flavor better.
HalfPint July 19, 2018
I have tried cream cheese in a quiche, only it really wasn't making a quiche. Was trying to reverse engineer Panera's egg souffle (which are decadent and wonderful). Worked just fine for my purposes and though I was not able to replicate the egg souffle, I did make a very rich and delicious "quiche".

The thing about cream cheese is that it's sweet and swiss and goat cheese are salty. Bottomline: should work fine if you like cream cheese. Stick with Swiss if you don't.
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