Kimchi timeline....

I'm making Mother In Law's Kimchi - my maiden attempt. I know it has to sit for at least 3 days at room temp, but at about 16 hrs and counting, there are no visible signs of fermentation beginning. I've opened it a couple of times - to check for tiny bubbles, and also to move a little to another jar after realizing I hadn't left enough space at the top. (Just mentioning, in case disturbing it could slow down the process.) Is it just too soon to see anything, or is my kimchi a non-starter?



CHeeb January 20, 2013
Foodie Mama is right.When fermentation has begun,and you take the lid off to check on things, the aroma will startle you. You will think there is a dead mouse among the veggies. The gas is pungent.Fear not, and refrigerate .
amysarah January 20, 2013
Thanks all. I thought it might be a temp thing - kitchen on coolish side overnight. Just thought I should see one tiny bubble by now, even though process takes a few days. I guess not. Will move to a warmer spot and let nature take its course! (Btw, I'm not using the kit, just the MIL recipe from this site; I had all the ingredients on hand already, only needed to pick up the gochugaru and a napa cabbage.)
Foodie M. January 20, 2013
It's definitely dependent on the temperature!! In the summer three days is about right... For all ferments warm temps work best.. For instance I'm fermenting Kombucha now, in the summer it takes at least 7 days. My last batch took 27 days.. Keep it in a warm place.. On top of a fridge or in a sunny laundry room would be perfect! I haven't used a kit, but when my kimchi starts fermenting you know!! It kinda reeks! Be patient!
ChiliJen January 20, 2013
Depending on the surrounding room temperature your kimchi may just need more time. I've haven't tried making kimchi using the Mother In Law's kit, but in my kimchi making experience it does take more time in the winter to start fermenting. If your kimchi fails to ferment don't consider it a failure. It is still delicious to eat.
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