Erin's Slow Roasted Turkey

Help! Planning to make Erin's Slow Roast Turkey on T-Day, and hoping to do as much prep as possible- how long can the cooked turkey sit at room temperature after cooking before the broil? Should it be covered? Or just refrigerated? If so, I'm assuming it needs to be brought to room temperature again before the second roasting.



  • Posted by: Anna
  • November 22, 2016


figgypudding November 22, 2016
Hi Anna,

I wouldn't let the cooked turkey sit out longer than 4 hours before doing the final step. If you are planning on longer than that, I would suggest letting the turkey cool before covering (though keep it fairly tented as you don't want the crispy skin to get too soggy) and placing back in the fridge. Reheat it according to the last step as Erin suggests. I would let it come to close to room temperature before reheating. Best of luck and happy holidays!
Cook's S. November 22, 2016
Hi, Anna! I looked up that recipe to see what you were talking about. A 14-pound turkey will stay hot and at a nice serving temperature for up to an hour. At America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Science ( we often use this 1 hour of free oven time to finish all of the sides. You could lightly tent the bird with foil during this time to retain heat at the very exterior, but be aware that it will trap moisture and your crispy skin won't stay that way. If you are going to finish it by putting it back in under the broiler, that might be an issue.

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- Dan Souza

Cook's S. November 22, 2016
Correction: might *not* be an issue
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