Lemon + Lime Recipes Needed!

I have tons of SLICED lemons and limes leftover from a party - what can cook/bake to put them to good use?

Sarah Yaffa


BerryBaby January 30, 2018
Ina has a great recipe for lemon chicken that uses lemon slices. I’ve also used them in Veal Piccata.
Lime juice is a favorite on salads. If already sliced, stack them in a squeeze hinged hand held juicer and squeeze away! Lime juice is also great drizzled on shrimp cocktails.
creamtea January 29, 2018
Moroccan cured lemons. Layer them with salt, optional spices (black peppercorns, a dried pepper if desired, whole cloves. Paula Wolfert's recipe is excellent. They take a month to cure. They are great to have on hand (chicken with lemon and olives is a wonderful Moroccan dish, but you can also use cured lemons in salad, or mashed into avocado (I have a recipe on the site for Moroccan Guacamole toast), or in cooked fish. A very little goes a long way.
MMH January 29, 2018
There are a number of recipes for whole fish which call for stuffing the cavity with citrus slices.
Nancy January 29, 2018
Laurie Colwin's lemon (and/or lime) chutney.
HalfPint January 29, 2018
My lazy way to use up citrus slices: spa water. Just put a bunch of it in a pitcher of water, leave in fridge, consume your 8 cups/day of water for hydration.

Or take the lemon slices, toss with fennel, top with salmon fillets or a whole salmon and slow roast.
Regine January 29, 2018
Bevi January 29, 2018
Look up Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart: https://food52.com/recipes/1374-lazy-mary-s-lemon-tart. I also have a lemon marmalade recipe that you can retool: https://food52.com/recipes/21381-meyer-lemon-vanilla-bean-and-ginger-karma-marmalade In the future, order the Short Stack edition on Lemons, written by Alison Roman. If you buy her recent cookbook, Dining In, you will find dozens of recipes with lemons. You can also make a big batch of salad dressing using lemons and /or limes for the acid, instead of vinegar.
Bevi January 29, 2018
Plus, you can stuff the lemon slices under the skin of a full roasted or cut up chicken dish, and also throw in the cavity of a roast chicken.
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