What is difference between wheat bran and wheat germ

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trampledbygeese January 23, 2013
As you know, wheat is a seed. The germ is the part of the seed that will sprout and grow, whereas the bran is the outer layer of the seed. Both are usually removed when milling white flour.

The germ has a lot of natural (and essential) oil in it, and will begin to go rancid quickly once removed from the seed. Exposure to air will speed up this process, so it needs to be stored in an air tight container or even better in the fridge - and consumed in a matter of weeks (assuming you have store bought germ). If you can, NEVER buy it in bulk or from an open bin as it will spoil faster.

The bran is very high in non-soluble fibre. A lot of people like this because it helps people feel full faster and encourages happy digestion. Although, it's good to note that high fibre foods (especially sudden introduction of them into the diet) can actually be damaging to certain IBD conditions, so it's good to check with your Dr. if you are going to add a large amount of fibre into your diet (or just add it in gradually over the period of a couple of weeks).
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