Substitute grits for bran in banana bran muffins?

I asked my mom for the banana muffin recipe she used to make when we were little, and discovered it's a banana bran muffin recipe! I had no idea, and I don't have bran. I do have Gold Medal whole wheat flour, Quaker quick 5-min grits, and Indian Head yellow corn meal. What would make the best substitute for bran?

Laura Stearns


taxidog May 4, 2019
I don’t think it would work too well if you a
taxidog May 4, 2019
if you are expecting a similar result. I have never baked with grits. You have to cook them in liquid to soften them. I think you would end up with a very unpleasant texture.
Stephanie B. May 4, 2019
I think the whole wheat flour, which has wheat bran in it, is better than cornmeal. That being said, and maybe it's just my preference, I don't think the texture of cornbread and bran muffins are similar. If you want banana muffins ASAP, I bet you could whip up some tasty whole wheat muffins. If you want your mom's bran muffins, I'd go out and get some bran.
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