spinach quiche: trying to keep my sautéed spinach from FLOATING in the custard....

I've had no success with putting cheese on the wilted, chopped leaves to hold them down, then adding the custard base.
My baking objective is to have an even distribution of spinach in the finished quiche--a 2" high, french style type.



Sam1148 January 31, 2013
I'm not sure if it would work in Spinach. But in blue berry muffins, a dusting of corn starch or flour keeps the blue berries distributed. I'd try cornstarch as flour might tastes too raw in the dish.
drbabs January 31, 2013
Have you tried just stirring it all together? I would stir the spinach into the custard and then fold in the cheese. Otherwise, you're going to have layers instead of a cohesive custard. Good luck!
drbabs January 31, 2013
Oh, also, make sure your spinach is really dry so you don't introduce a lot of liquid into the custard.
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