i would like to roast a whole filet mignon and don't know how. I have several questions.
1. How long will it take to defrost?
2. The butcher tied it, but did not trim it. Should I trim?
3. How do I season it?
4. How do I cook it?

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1 Comment

usuba D. November 23, 2010
Not necessary to trim, but you may want to take a razor blade or very sharp knife and cut the silver every inch or so to prevent curling while cooking. Season the filet with salt and pepper and leave out for at least two hours at room temperature before cooking.

Preheat oven to 500 degrees F, put the filet in the oven in a roasting pan and time it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes turn off the oven and time the filet for another 30 - 35 minutes. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR. After the 30 - 35 minutes, take the filet out, cover with foil and rest for 1/2 hour.

You will have perfect rare filet.

Warning, this method will smoke the kitchen up and set off your smoke alarms. But, as they say, when the smoke alarm goes off, dinner is ready.
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