1.5# of filet mignon scraps

Just bought 2 whole tenderloins and, after cutting into steaks, I have about 1.5-pounds of scraps that I've cut into bite-sized pieces (like for stew).

I'm looking for a great, easy recipe to work with these pieces that IS NOT STEW. Suggestions?

Jeffrey A


boulangere February 13, 2019
Lori T. February 13, 2019
Skewer them with bits of bacon in between, and broil them. Season them with your favorite steak seasoning and saute them in a hot pan, use for a steak sandwich to die for. Beef Stroganoff , broccoli beef stir fry, steak tips with red wine sauce and garlic smashed potatos, Steak and kidney pie, beef and mushroom pie. Wish I had tenderloin trimmings myself now.
PHIL February 13, 2019
Not really a recipe but I would marinate them some Mexican spices and citrus for an hour or 2 and then pan sear them very quickly and make steak fajitas.
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