Avocado or macadamia oil?

Hi! As nutritional consultant I'm very picky when I have to choose a cooking oil and at the moment I'm looking for a substitute for olive oil for quick stir fries and wok recipes, so I finally picked up macadamia and avocado oil. I've never tried them before and I'm really dithering at the moment since they're both pretty expensive. Have you ever tried them? Any suggestion?

Valentina | The Blue Bride


alygator March 24, 2016
I really like coconut oil for stir fries and you can find it fairly inexpensively at Trader Joe's and WF. I always have avocado oil on hand but I really only use it as a finishing oil so that I don't waste it! I think it is tasty without having an overbearing flavor like a nut oil. I put it on salads and on steamed rice. Even my guacamole! However, I think it does well at a high temps so it might work really well for your stir fries!
Susan W. March 23, 2016
I use beef tallow, pork fat (both from organic and grass fed animals) for most of my stir fries. I bought some unfiltered peanut oil that was awesome, but I try to avoid nuts because of the high omega 6. It was delicious though. Avocado oil is a good stir fry oil. Mine had a very high smoke point. I'm hesitant on the macadamia nut oil because it's so strong tasting. I'd probably save that for salad dressings or to drizzle on vegetables before roasting.
Valentina |. March 23, 2016
I usually use ghee or coconut oil, I'm vegetarian and I don't use dairy products but ghee and - rarely - goat cheese. But I want a tasting oil, something healthier than sesame oil, which is pretty bad for the omega ratio, while these 2 have a really better profile :)
Susan W. March 23, 2016
Oops..sorry about the tallow and lard mentions.

I don't know why I think Mac oil won't work. I think it's out of stir fry habit. I love sesame oil, but I never cook with it. I drizzle as a condiment and use very little. A tsp goes a long way so I don't worry about the Omega ratio. Avocado oil is always a good choice. Ghee and coconut oil have too low a smoke point for me to stir fry with (I do love the flavor of both). I get my beloved wok screaming hot.

If you use the macadamia oil, will you report back? I'm curious now.
Valentina |. March 23, 2016
I'll surely do! :D
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