Ancient salt

I've searched the www high and low looking for a source for salt from the ancient Taoudenni mines in Mali, described in Tim Cahill's story, The Caravan of White Gold, with no luck. Can anyone help me?



healthierkitchen February 4, 2013
Interesting! I will have to look for his story. I would guess that sdebrango is correct, the unrest in Mali might have interfered with the salt trade.
boulangere February 5, 2013
The story is The Caravan of White Gold in his book Hold the Enlightenment.
Maedl February 4, 2013
Perhaps if you talk to Mark at the Meadows, he can give you some leads. I would ask if he knows any salt dealers in France, since they would be most likely trying to rebuild Mali's economy. It is an intriguing question, and your class with Cahill sounds like a great experience!
boulangere February 4, 2013
Thank you so much; I'll get in touch with Mr. Bitterman. Yes, the class is amazing!
boulangere February 4, 2013
Thank you both. I'm presently taking a writing class with Tim Cahill, which prompted the question. Even he, who undertook the voyage in the title story doesn't know how to obtain it, short of joining a mining expedition. I'll post results, if any.
sdebrango February 3, 2013
I read an article that said that the salt trade in Mali is in great peril which is probably why you can't find it. Political unrest and danger in transporting among other things. I went to salt works which has a huge assortment of exotic salts and they don't have it.
boulangere February 4, 2013
Yes, I looked there as well. I also tracked down a salt broker in the UK who also doesn't know how to find it.
Maedl February 3, 2013
One of the most knowledgable people on salt is Mark Bitterman, who owns The Meadows in Portland. The website is

I checked the website, but he does not have the salt from Mali listed. Nevertheless. I would call or send an email to see if he has any idea where to find it. With the political situation in Mali so dicey, the salt may be unavailable.
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