chocolate chip cookie prob

I made chocolate chip cookies earlier, using a Martha Stewart recipe I don't usually use. The cookies were good, but if I am being persnickety (which I am when it comes to things I make), I would say they had a slightly of a grainy texture--almost as though the sugar hadn't fully dissolved. Is this possible? Could it be due to not creaming the sugar and butter enough. I was in a rush and did not cream as long as I usually do.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • February 4, 2013


Monita February 4, 2013
Not sure which Martha Stewart cookie recipe you were using but this one works every time
As mentioned earlier, it is really important to cream sugar and butter for 3-4 minutes to get the best outcome
boulangere February 4, 2013
When you cream the butter and sugar, it really does matter that the butter be at room temperature. I make huge batches at work as well as sane batches at home; either way, I leave the butter out overnight. You can duplicate room temp by microwaving the butter at medium heat (5) in 30-second intervals until your fingers make an indentation in the butter. Creaming the butter and sugar(s) until pale (really, almost white) does dissolve the sugars to an extent, but more important, it creates tiny pockets of air which aid in the rising process. The graininess you experienced may have been two fold: not enough sugars dissolved, and not enough air pockets created so that a denser cookie resulted.
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