I have tried and failed to make macaroons about a million times! I thought I had finally mastered them - but although the shells looked perfect. After they had cooled I realised they were completely stuck to the bottom of my paper. What did I do wrong? They either rise and crack or this. Why I can't I master them? I use Italian meringue method.

  • Posted by: Popcake
  • February 4, 2013


petitbleu February 6, 2013
I recently used Bouchon Bakery's recipe (and it was only the second time I've ever made macarons), and it worked fabulously! Be sure to use the right kind of almond flour--very fine and blanched. has reasonably priced almond flour.
Bevi February 5, 2013
Here is the actual recipe:
Bevi February 5, 2013
I found this video by Gesine Bullock-Prado to be very helpful when I took a stab at making macaroons. She has a full ingredient list in her book, Sugar Baby.
FutureChef February 4, 2013
I know what you're talking about... I tried Pierre herme and Francois payard's macaron recipes, each macaron gods in the pastry world, but I ended up using Alice Meldrich'a recipe from ooey, gooey, crispy, crunchy and preferring it. She owns a bakery in Berkeley but she does a lot of recipe testing for herself, other cookbooks, and other companies (I.e. Sharffebberger chocolate) so I have found all of her recipes thus far to be extremely precise, reliable, and well-conceived.

Alternatively, you can also use Bryan Voltaggio's modern macaron recipe that allowsor more flavor adaptations since it relies on methyl cellulose f50 and albumin powder I leaven rather than egg whites. He uses a dehydrator, but you can get away with putting your oven on low an turning it off.
cratecooking February 4, 2013
What recipe are you using? Kathryn Gordon's "Les Petits Macarons" is a great guide! Also, I would recommend trying silpats for macarons as opposed to parchment paper.
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