What vinegar can I substitute for malt or black vinegar? This is for a stir fry.



babytiger February 9, 2013
For stir fry, I usually use rice vinegar or white vinegar, or a combination of. I find rice vinegar too mild sometimes (i.e. for hot and sour dishes) so I add white vinegar.
Athena103181 February 8, 2013
I second the rice vinegar. I use rice vinegar in my stir frys typically. It makes them a bit tangy without being too acidic. It also mixes with soy sauces perfectly. That's how they make sauce for dumplings.
susan G. February 7, 2013
For black vinegar, I see balsamic suggested as a substitute.
Sadassa_Ulna February 7, 2013
It's probably too late for this answer but I would use rice vinegar, lemon juice that's slightly diluted with water, or white wine vinegar.
chefjames February 7, 2013
Depends on how much you need. If not too much, use apple cider vinegar.
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