My tube pan has a removable bottom. As the batter is described as "soupy", is this going to leak like crazy? Am I better off with a Bundt pan? (I...

...have bad luck with removing bundt cakes from the pan.) And if it might leak, anyone have any general tips on keeping a tube pan from leaking

  • Posted by: Peter
  • February 10, 2013
Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


luvcookbooks February 11, 2013
meant tube pan, sorry
luvcookbooks February 11, 2013
I put a cookie sheet underneath the Bundt just in case. I use the sour cream chocolate chip frosting for filling (saw the ? downstream).
Peter February 11, 2013
I'd be happy to get a slice to my lovely neighbor Amanda... of course, there's barely any left as the cake is so darned good that it might, just *might* have been eaten by a member (or two) of this household for *ahen* *ahem* breakfast. And then half of the remains went out with the babysitter for Eleanor Brown and her after-school crew. So... maybe leftovers from Friday night's cake? ;-) Maybe Charlie will bring it by Saturday morning?
Peter February 11, 2013
All, thanks for the answers. I went with the tube pan. It was brand new and a snug fit. Not a single drop of batter leaked.

Also, this cake? ABSURDLY delicious. Served it at a dinner party Sunday night. Going to make it again on Wednesday to bring to a relative just getting out of the hospital. And then make it again Friday night for a Shabbas dinner. :-)
Amanda H. February 11, 2013
How about a slice for your neighbor? :)
ChefJune February 11, 2013
I would probably go with the bundt pan and (as I always do with the bundt pan) coat it very carefully with butter, and then dust it with cocoa (for a chocolate cake, always use cocoa). I'm thinking you'll be fine.
Greenstuff February 10, 2013
I put a baking sheet under my tube pan, either immediately under or one shelf down. Or, if I go.with a bunt pan, I very carefully, very very carefully paint the inside with melted butter or oil.
Amanda H. February 10, 2013
I use my tube pan with a removable bottom but it fits snugly -- if yours is warped, then I'd go with the bundt pan.
aargersi February 10, 2013
I would go bundt, and I would spray the dickens out of it with bakers spray, becasue that's how I roll. Mine is also non-stick. I take no chances. BUT - if I used the tube pan I would spray the pants off that too, and wrap the outside in foil, and bake it on a cookie sheet. Again - tale no chances
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