If I wanted to make this gluten free, do you have a suggestion for flour?

  • Posted by: Andge
  • December 27, 2012
Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


Rozsika S. June 29, 2020
I made it this weekend using 1 1/2 C Cup for Cup flour and 1/2 C almond meal. Good texture, still moist.
beyondcelery January 2, 2013
@Andge: Thanks for the update! I'm so sorry it didn't work. I should have been more specific about the sweet rice flour--that's the secret ingredient that really helps hold things together. White rice flour, as you guessed, is very different from sweet rice flour. The others are correct in that Cup4Cup or other glutenfree APF mixes works well for a quick glutenfree substitution, especially when you don't have a lot of experience with glutenfree baking. My favorite mix for this is the King Arthur glutenfree flour blend. I'm glad your guests still liked the cake!
Carol B. January 1, 2013
I've found that in cakes, using Cup4Cup or Pamela's baking mix works beautifully. I've tried all the other ratios involving using multiple flours, starches, and gums, and they just don't perform as well as Cup4Cup or Pamela's. Hope that helps for future baking!
Andge January 1, 2013
One more picture of the finished product.
Amanda H. January 1, 2013
Love that you reported back and added photos. Thanks!
Andge January 1, 2013
Update: I made the cake! I used 2/3 cup each hazlenut meal, tapioca starch and white rice flour (thinking it was the same as sweet rice flour—evidently not). The oven may have been a bit hot, and I'm not a terribly experienced baker. The cake collapsed a little on itself, and then broke apart when I was taking it out of the pan (and again when I took it off the rack). In the end I sort of pushed it together and eliminated the hole and frosted it. Everyone loved it—I thought it had sort of a health-food taste and was a bit heavy. It was probably fine for gluten-free, but would not compete with a regular cake. I was impressed with the frosting, although mine was not as glossy as yours! Served it with Anise ice cream, which is a crowd pleaser. Pictures attached. Thanks again for the advice.
spinal77 December 27, 2012
Buy a bag of Cup4Cup from Williams Sonoma and use that... much better than trying to piece together some flour blend...
Andge December 27, 2012
Amazing. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
beyondcelery December 27, 2012
I love Amanda's suggestion of almond flour! Hazelnut flour would also lend excellent flavor. But she's right: you need another glutenfree flour to support it. Here's how I'd convert the recipe (for 2 cups or 250g):

85g tapioca starch
80g sweet rice flour
85g finely ground almond meal or another glutenfree flour (such as sorghum or brown rice)
Dust your pan with sweet rice flour

If the batter seems more liquid than a cake should be, add 10-20g more almond flour. The almond flour will make this cake more dense, so if you want it to be a lighter texture, you can just put in half the amount of almond flour and half another glutenfree flour. Good luck! I'd love to know how it turns out.
Amanda H. December 27, 2012
I'd probably try a nut flour, like almond, but I don't know the proportions or if you'd need another kind of flour for support. Let's see if an experienced gluten-free baker weighs in.
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