What brand of sour cream do you like best? I found the frosting too tangy for my tastes but like the ease. I live in the mid-Atlantic. I used Trad...

...er Joe's brand

Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


Windischgirl July 6, 2016
I ended up doing a taste test with Daisy and Breakstone brands, and liked Daisy the best. Much smoother and milder flavor than the Trader Joes.
Thanks to everyone for their input!
Susan W. July 7, 2016
I love Daisy dairy products. Both their cottage cheese and sour cream both have simply the dairy and cultures, but nothing else added. Most of the others have stabilizers etc.
nance June 30, 2016
Greek yogurt won't have the fat, so its taste will be even more tangy and astringent. I use Breakstone and Daisy interchangeably, each with great results in recipes and as condiments. Switching to mascarpone thinned with a bit of milk might give you the mildness you are looking for.
Windischgirl June 30, 2016
Thanks, Nance! I think I may do a bit of experimenting with the two brands you suggested, and mascarpone, this weekend.
It's hubby's birthday on Saturday, and who doesn't love chocolate cake? My son just returned from a trip to Switzerland with a suitcase half-full of baking chocolate (the other half was full of souvenirs for his sibs and himself)! It's meant to be!
ChefJune June 28, 2016
Windishgirl, for what it's worth, I prefer Guittard chips - especially their Akoma chips. I think the quality is better, hence a better finished product. Whole Foods carries them, or you can order on their web site. I would also think crème fraîche could be subbed for the sour cream quite nicely.
Smaug June 28, 2016
Safeway also carries Guittard chips, though not always a great variety of them.
Amanda H. June 27, 2016
I haven't tried Trader Joe's, but I've used Organic Valley, Friendship, and Breakstones, all with success.
Windischgirl June 27, 2016
Amanda, which do you think had the mildest (least sour) flavor? I normally love sour cream but didn't care for the sour cream-chocolate juxtaposition.
Or is there another dairy item I could use--creme fraiche, mascarpone, Greek yogurt, etc?
I think I used Hershey's chips with an added 1/2 oz of unsweetened chocolate (cleaning out the pantry). Do you think another chocolate is preferred?

I baked the cake for a party at work and it was requested for my colleauge's birthday next week.
Thanks so much!
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