Liner paper disaster!! Cake baked up between the cake pan and paper… What do I do now?

Help! I’ve made this cake three or four times but I’ve never had THIS happen. Help! Any suggestions for how to approach this??

Chocolate Dump-It Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Dump-It Cake


702551 December 18, 2022
Shame no photo was shared.

Anyhow, I'd try to slice around the paper, patch it up with the icing and just shrug off the mishap. It happens.

Best of luck.
LauraPitney December 18, 2022
Thanks for your fast reply. It’s strange, I did try to share the pic. Trying again. I will try to patchwork with icing…’ll be…..interesting :-)
702551 December 18, 2022
You are using a conical funnel cake mold and the cake will be flipped upside down meaning the loose pieces will naturally lean toward the center.

This cake batter appears to be fairly moist so the pieces should be fairly adhesive on their own, meaning less icing will be necessary for the repairs.

Do your best and laugh it off. Most importantly, it looks like a good bake despite its misshapen appearance. I've seen greater disasters before.
LauraPitney December 18, 2022
Thanks for the encouragement!! Fingers crossed.
Amanda H. December 29, 2022
Hope it turned out ok! I've never seen this happen either. One tip that could be helpful: I lightly butter a cake pan before adding the parchment so the butter helps hold the parchment in place.
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