Question about Risotto Rosso

I am planning on making risotto rosso for a dinner party and I wonder if I can make it ahead of time and reheat it, or will that result in a starchy, overcooked risotto? If I should not make ahead and reheat, are there a way to partially complete the dish in advance?

Kelly Anderson


Chef P. February 16, 2013
Yes, cook just more than half way, still firm and crunchy but increased in size 50% from absorption, remove from heat and cool in a shallow pan. When ready, preheat stock and add risotto to finish.
bigpan February 15, 2013
And yes, as above, even the best Italian restaurants pre-cook and re-heat.
bigpan February 15, 2013
I'm not a huge fan of risotto rosso because the color often is not appetizing - but you might consider adding some beet juice to make it a nice rich red color ! A couple tablespoons will not alter the flavor while adding great color to the final product.

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Kenzi W. February 15, 2013
We used to prep risotto ahead of time in a restaurant where I used to cook. We'd cook the risotto to 85% doneness -- a bit shy of al dente, still a little crunchy -- and then spread it out on baking sheets to cool it and stop the cooking. (If this step happens a lot in advance, put the risotto in the fridge, covered, until ready to use.) When you're ready to serve, resume your cooking, and heat back up by stirring with a bit of warmed stock until it's done. Best of luck!
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