What is a good make ahead chicken breast recipe for a holiday dinner?

I'm looking for a recipe that I can prepare and reheat, or half prepare and bake at the last minute for a jewish holiday. I can make it all in advance, then I have to ask a family member to put it in the oven at a specific time. I'm looking to stay away from brisket and chicken thighs.

  • Posted by: david
  • August 26, 2014


Maedl August 29, 2014
Chicken Marbella is easily made ahead and it has the fruit sweetness to make it appropriate for the holiday. The original recipe is from the Silver Palate Cookbook, but one is posted at epicurious.com. You might also consider a tagine--they can be cooked for a very long time at low temperatures. And Claudia Roden's Book of Jewish Food might provide inspiration if all else fails.
Liza's K. August 28, 2014
When I cook for the Jewish holidays I always freeze and reheat as much as I can. It saves a lot of time on the day of (when if you are anything like me are already at your wits end). Are you looking for typical "holiday" food? I'm not such a big fan of brisket either, but you could make short ribs instead. Or I have a recipe for chicken breasts in a vermouth sauce that reheats very well (serve with veggies & rice). Salmon is very easy (no need to prepare ahead, just throw it in the oven). If you like olives you could do chicken savoy (check out Joy of Kosher's recipe) - you can cook it the night before and reheat.
david August 28, 2014
Thanks. These are great ideas. Ill check out the chicken savoy and the short ribs.
Gabrielle P. August 27, 2014
How about braised short ribs or a beef bourginon? They actually taste better if you make them a day ahead!
THE M. August 26, 2014
May I recommend my "riverboat lemon-lime chicken"? Although the recipe calls for chickens cut into eighths - it works just as well specifically with chicken breasts. And in reality no need to put it in an oven to reheat it (you probably wouldn't want to have that done on a Jewish holiday, whether it was you or someone else turning on the oven). This is great cold or at room temperature - the only thing I would say is - don't do it for the ראש השנה holiday or any of the ones through שמיני עצרת or שמחת תורה as it is the tradition not to use anything sour like lemon as an ingredient, but rather to have sweet foods.
Nancy August 26, 2014
A braised chicken dish will permit prep & reheating. Go with flavors you like from a wide range - curry, musakhan (w/onions & sumac), Moroccan tagine, jerk, Hungarian with lecso, Spanish recipes with dried fruit. Even take a chicken-thighs recipe you like and substitute chicken-breasts.
Susan W. August 26, 2014
David, if you use the search function at the top of this page, type in "make ahead chicken breast" (or any other meat of your choice), and choose the recipe button, you will find many recipes to wander through.
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