Major issues posting 2-part ingredient recipes.

I have tried for 5 days. The recipe becomes scrambled after publication. Unamused. Editors have been aware since Tuesday, but no resolution.

Marie Viljoen


Michael H. February 18, 2013
Hi, all. We believe that the problem is fixed going forward, meaning that new recipes will behave as expected, and edits to old ones should appear on the page as they did in the form.
pierino February 18, 2013
Perhaps the solution might be to suspend the competition for a week while the techs get their algorithms in line???
creamtea February 18, 2013
me too :( I wrote to the eds. I ended up just posting it all together as if it were a 1-part recipe within a 2 part format. Looks a bit odd. I'm not going to edit, for now, because all the instructions disappear when I do.
Marie V. February 18, 2013
I now have two up, neither with instructions :-) Guess I'll miss the competition deadline...
Michael H. February 18, 2013
Hi, all. We're really sorry about this. It's incredibly frustrating. We're working hard to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
pierino February 18, 2013
Yes, indeed. I experienced the same thing in submitting a two part recipe to a contest. Everything went FUBAR. Even though I don't expect to come close to winning the contest I would still like to repair the damage to what I think is a pretty damn good recipe.
Kristen M. February 17, 2013
Your technical hassles are likely happening to others, so it's great that you report them to [email protected]. Some just take longer than others to figure out.

The good news is that once the bug is resolved, 2-part recipes should hopefully display properly (as they're showing up in edit mode now), without any extra work from you.
Marie V. February 17, 2013
Thanks for your response, Kristen, and also for crediting me with patience I no longer feel. But I do realize that the site is far more important than an individual user's technical hassles.
Kristen M. February 17, 2013
Hi Marie -- our tech team spent time wrestling with this bug last week while also trying to release some exciting new features. They'll keep trying to resolve it this coming week. Thank you for your patience.
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