Can you offer a substitution for chipotle pepper en adobo (whatever that is) for those of us in Europe / Australia / Asia? I have chipotle powder?

  • Posted by: Joanne51
  • February 19, 2013


petitbleu February 19, 2013
You might also consider making your own "mock" chipotles en adobo. To make the real thing, you'd need to find red jalapeños, smoke them, and then sauce them. However, I'll wager you could make a version of this with chipotle powder, garlic, catsup, and perhaps some toasted and ground spices like cumin and coriander. A bit more effort, but it should get you close to the flavor profile of canned chipotles en adobo.
Maedl February 19, 2013
Look in the foreign foods section of a large grocery store. I am pretty sure I have seen them in Germany.
susan G. February 19, 2013
...jalapenos, smoked, sauced.
HalfPint February 19, 2013
I would also add a chili that is smoked.
Chris H. February 19, 2013
According to the McCormick web site, approximately 1/2 tsp chipotle powder is an acceptable substitute for 1 large canned pepper:
Joanne51 February 19, 2013
Do you mean chillies? Dried chillies?
Monita February 19, 2013
Chipotle in adobo are dried peppers canned in a tomato sauce. You can substitute with any dried peppers that will give you the level of "heat" you'd like
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