DO you cook this covered or uncovered? Is there a difference?

Jack Maloney


plainhomecook March 14, 2017
I've made this a bunch of times and I cook it covered for most of the time. Then if it looks a bit sloppy I take the cover off to reduce the sauce a bit.
Smaug March 14, 2017
Given the short cooking time, uncovered. Note that a cup of broth is held aside to adjust the final texture, a good idea with bean dishes in general. The combo of black beans and sweet potato (I'd use the red ones generally sold as "yams") is excellent, but it's difficult to justify the name chili for a dish that relies more on tomatoes than chiles for it's base.
Nancy March 14, 2017
Neither the recipe nor the comments addressed the cover/no cover question.
Haven't made this specific recipe (which sounds like a keeper), but yes to similar.
I would favor cooking it covered or covered with the lid slighltly tipped.
That way, most of the spattering and good steamy flavor is contained in the stew, but the pot doesn't explode.
If you have a pan much larger than the stew, you could get away with cooking it uncovered as the extra inch or inch & a half of the inside pan would contain splattering.
Your choice, depending on size of pot, how concentrated you like your stew, and the stamina of your clean-up elves.
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