Red Lentils, Masoor Dal

I recently bought a bag of red lentils and just noticed it is labelled "Masoor Malka". I thought I've bought Masoor Dal in the past. Are they the same? It might be my imagination, but the new ones look they are whole and not split. thanks!



karen06 February 22, 2013
Malka masoor comes in two varieties - whole and split. They both have no skin. I personally prefer the whole one - to me they are creamier though they do take a little longer to cook ( or you can soak them for a longer time prior to cooking to reduce the actual cooking time). Other than that they are identical. Each variety is preffered regionally.
threefresheggs February 21, 2013
They are the same. I believe Malka masoor dal is the complete name for split red lentils. Whole red lentils have a fairly dark brown skin.
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