Does honey come from the same type of honeybee or are there different kinds?

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trampledbygeese February 22, 2013
There are different kinds of honey bees (even wasps create something very like honey) but most of the honey in the world comes from the same species of bees. The Italian Honey Bee is really docile and easy to work with. Although a few people these days are staring to keep different kinds of bees, it's not catching on commercially.

Like Dymnyno said, the different flavours of honey are mostly from the different plants the nectar is gathered from. Clover is really light, Buckwheat is really dark, and everything in-between.

I agree, Honey is Amazing!
dymnyno February 22, 2013
The flavor of honey that a bee (honeybee) produces depends on the food source that the bee has access to, ie, lavender, sage, thyme and many, many other sources. It's fun to try different flavors. Honey is amazing!
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