Can I cut these biscuits into circles instead of triangles? If so, what baking modifications would I do?

Cream Biscuits
Recipe question for: Cream Biscuits


beijinggirl February 25, 2013
Thank you! They worked out very well as circles!
Savorykitchen February 24, 2013
Agreed! This is my go-to biscuit recipe these days. It can be cut in any shape you'd like. Just keep an eye on them if you cut them small. Look for color as a sign of doneness, not necessarily time.
Merrill S. February 24, 2013
Yes, good point about watching for color. Golden brown = done!
Merrill S. February 24, 2013
Yes, you can cut the dough into circles. The biscuits should cook in about the same amount of time.
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