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Re "Cream Biscuits" from merrill. I would like to make a batch and then freeze some. I believe that with the ingredients given, they will freeze well, but how do you suggest reheating them. thank you!

Cream Biscuits
Recipe question for: Cream Biscuits


Merrill S. May 24, 2011
I agree with both mrslarkin and boulangere -- better to freeze them unbaked.
mrslarkin May 23, 2011
I agree, there's nothing better than a fresh-baked biscuit!

Also, you could probably bake them frozen. I do it with scones all the time. Might take an extra couple minutes in the oven.
boulangere May 23, 2011
I'd suggest freezing them unbaked. Thaw overnight in the fridge, bake fresh in the morning.
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