In need of a simple, but satisfying dinner menu . Simple because I don't cook often for other people. But the couple coming is a bit picky.

No seafood and they are not huge fans of veggies. Kind of a bummer.


  • Posted by: hkellyis
  • February 25, 2013


QueenSashy February 25, 2013
You can also make something slow roasted, like ribs, or lamb. Your margin for error is much smaller with slow roasting, the dish can be made ahead and spends a lot of time in the oven without your direct involvement. Plus the slow roasts are usually very rich and you can then add only a simple vegetable side or a salad. I made a collection from some of the recipes on the site I like, here is the link
Monita February 25, 2013
There are so many roast chicken options. I suggest you go to this link and pick one of the contest winners. Those are always sure things
pqmommy February 25, 2013
Chicken Piccata, Israeli couscous, and steamed asparagus. Plus a raspberry tart from Trader Joe's if you don't like to bake.
ZombieCupcake February 25, 2013
Flank steak marinated in cider ale, parley thyme, and pepper with roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, sage, oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil in aluminum foil on the grill.. Simply and less dishes!
hkellyis February 25, 2013
That sounds nice, but I don't have a grill. :/
Monita February 25, 2013
An easy and basic menu: Roast chicken, roasted potatoes, green salad with a vinaigrette, broccoli with cheese (even veggie haters like this). Or meatloaf, mashed potatoes, coleslaw
hkellyis February 25, 2013
I was thinking roast chicken. That sounds like a great menu. Have any good recipes?
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