What sausage can I sub for merguez sausage? I'll be using it in a stew with scarlet runner beans and veggies.



SisterMargaret February 28, 2013
Chorizo though spicy and more easily available differs from merguez. Traditionally Merguez is made from lamb, fennel and other North African spices. Chorizo, dry cured style from Spain, is made from pork and/or beef, saffron, garlic and other typical Spanish sausage. My family makes our own sausages. It is not too time consuming and ingredients can be varied to suit taste. May I suggest that you make your own. There are many fine recipes that will give you control over the intensity of spices and quality of the lamb. This web site lists many types of sausages and substitutes - http://www.foodsubs.com/MeatcureSausage.html
Hope this is helpful and you list your recipe on Food52 site.
ZombieCupcake February 28, 2013
Oh looking for something not spicy? It just said subbed...
Aliwaks February 28, 2013
Chorizo...will still be spicy & garlicky
ZombieCupcake February 28, 2013
What about Spanish Chorizo?
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