Beans shelf life in refrigerator

I soaked a pound of beans and only used 1/3 for a meal the next day. I then put the others in 2 zip lock bags and put in refrigerator. It has been 8 days. Can I still use them in chili or bean stew.

  • Posted by: dinner
  • March 23, 2020


dinner March 23, 2020
Thanks everyone. I suspected as much. I know we would have been fine if I had stuck them after soaking and freeze it.
Stephanie B. March 23, 2020
Yeah I have to agree with Erin, that's a bit long. And if I'm not mistaken, it sounds like they're soaked but not cooked? Soaked, uncooked beans can start to ferment in a bad way.
Erin A. March 23, 2020
My bad! Yes, soaked, not cooked.
Stephanie B. March 23, 2020
Either way, I wouldn't eat them
Erin A. March 23, 2020
Hi there! It looks like the recommended time for leaving cooked beans in the fridge is 3-5 days, so unfortunately I wouldn't recommend using them at this point. Cooked beans store very well in the freezer, though, and can last in there for months.
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