The seals on my Weck preserving jars have stretched out & don't fit. Any Ideas why? Or how to fix?

These ate the smallest size. The larger sizes seem ok.



NancyJ April 10, 2017
They fail after about 30 re-uses. Try the wooden lids with silicone gaskets. The only thing is that you must keep the surfaces clean or the gasket will slip - so if it's for peanut butter or something similar, will need to always wipe the jar.
paseo March 9, 2013
Unless I am preserving in the Wecks, I don't use the rubber seals (and then only once). The glass lids w/clamps work fine unless you are preserving, but for storage are fine. . You can buy reusable lids directly from Weck in the US that last a long time - and come in sizes that fit each of their jars.
Nomnomnom March 11, 2013
Much obliged!
Nomnomnom March 9, 2013
Thank you, HalfPint! Will keep the oil and acid away from the selas from now on! Cheers.
Nomnomnom March 5, 2013
The last thing I used them for was to keep a small quantity of Torrisi's spicy sauce in the fridge. No alcohol in their lives yet. Could oil from the sauce cause this to happen? So strange!
HalfPint March 5, 2013
Yes, oil can warp the rubber seal, as well as any acid in the sauce.
Nomnomnom March 6, 2013
Ok. Good to know! Thank you.
Maedl March 4, 2013
I had just assumed you had had them for a long time. The rubber should be good for at least several years. What were you storing in the jars? Perhaps the gaskets came in contact with a substance--perhaps alcohol?-- that caused the rubber to deteriorate.
Nomnomnom March 4, 2013
Thanks SKK and Maedl. Sadly they are quite new, used only a few times. Just thought I got a bad batch. Cheers!
Maedl March 4, 2013
You should be able to buy them by the small bag so you can have some on hand.
SKK March 4, 2013
They wear out and need to be replaced every so often. Can't be fixed. Buy new ones for safety.
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