What can I do with a jar of preserved lemons?

I would like to prepare something fabulous with a jar of preserved lemons other than chicken--any ideas?

  • Posted by: Cdel
  • January 8, 2012


Jain S. January 8, 2012
I make a pasta w canned tuna fish and chopped up preserved lemon
Lambs' E. January 8, 2012
Really like that last answer!!
bugbitten January 8, 2012
Great answers! But don't forget to make yourself a Bloody Mary.
kitchengardener January 8, 2012
How about a chicken tagine? the are excellent recipes in Paula Wolferts the Food of Morrocco.
Lambs' E. January 8, 2012
Preserved lemons are magnificent in loads of things from tagines to salads to vegetable dishes.
I made a roasted vegetable couscous dish yesterday with sweet potato, carrots, potatoes & onions roasted with ras el hanout & olive oil, then tossed in steamed couscous with currants, the chopped rind of one preserved lemon and loads of chopped cilantro - gorgeous!
boulangere January 8, 2012
Check this link to preserved lemon recipes here:

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