What can I do with a jar of preserved lemons?

I would like to prepare something fabulous with a jar of preserved lemons other than chicken--any ideas?

  • Posted by: Cdel
  • January 8, 2012


nutcakes January 9, 2012
Aside from a main dish, (think Lamb Tagine), I love the Moroccan Carrot Salad posted here on Food52 is really great and crave worthy:
JuliaB January 9, 2012
Definitely thinly sliced and added to a tagine. At a cooking class in Marrakech this is how we made it and it was amazingly delicious.

Or thinly diced and added to a potato salad, chicken salad, or mix into a salsa to top over baked or pan-fried fish.
pierino January 9, 2012
Chicken or lamb tagine. And almost anything of Moroccan origin.
maryvelasquez January 8, 2012
Moroccan chicken with olives on the food 52 site and in book one. I make it all the time and it is great.
chefmargo January 8, 2012
Add your preserved lemons to your favorite hummus recipe...you would then have fabulous hummus!
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