Gluten-free beers

Can anyone recommend a decent-tasting, gluten-free beer? I'll of course check with my liquor store but first hand opinions are always helpful. (I don't know the first thing about beer myself and am hoping to allocate that space in my brain for some other topic. So any recommendations are much appreciated!)

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • March 5, 2013


Pegeen March 5, 2013
All of y'all are the best. Thank you!
Maedl March 5, 2013
Have a look at NPR's The Salt and Bon Appetit for recommendations:

As far as cider goes, you can also try perry, which is cider made from pears.
beyondcelery March 5, 2013
My current absolute favorite: the dark ale from Harvester Brewing out of Portland. It's a dedicated glutenfree facility and it tastes like real beer. Really. They have an IPA that my IPA-loving husband adores, and he isn't allergic to gluten and can drink regular IPAs. I found this at PCC here in Seattle; I don't know how hard it is to find outside the Northwest.

Second best is Daura, from Spain. It's delicious. A close second is Omission.

The rest I've tried (Red Bridge, Bard's, New Grist) are all just okay. They don't really taste like beer, but they're a good substitute if you're baking with it. I prefer New Grist for my glutenfree beer bread. I recently tried Green's dark ale and was more impressed with it than I remembered being a few years ago. I think they've improved their recipe.

Finn River has a dry hopped cider that's incredible. It's sweeter than beer and has a sort of light ale flavor. Finn River also has occasional limited runs of specialty ciders. Their bourbon barrel-aged cider a few months ago was incredible.

For cider, I also recommend Blue Mountain's Dry Creek and anything by Tieton Cider Works.
Pegeen March 5, 2013
Thank you both very much. Petitbleu, a question - how does hard cider compare to beer? About the same alcohol content? It must be a very different taste though?
petitbleu March 5, 2013
I know it's not beer per se, but there are loads of great ciders on the market right now. Crispin has several amazing flavors (including one made with sorghum that I found particularly nice).
susan G. March 5, 2013
Budweiser makes Red Bridge, and we think it's pretty good! Easily available here in supermarkets, along with a smattering of others. Taste, though, is in the mind of the taster.
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