No seriously. " from Jestei. Can these be frozen?



ATG117 March 12, 2013
Is the freezing generalization true, even of cookies like these, which rely on whipped egg whites instead of flour?
Shuna L. March 12, 2013
Yes, I'll second that. Most baked goods can be frozen for a few weeks. I prefer a freezer ziploc bag because plastic wrap gets brittle in the freezer and shards of it go everywhere. Not all plastic wrap is equal and sometimes the baked good tastes of plastic when it gets thawed out. I have a setting on my toaster oven that thaws carefully and slowly. An oven is always a better option than a microwave. Most dough and batter will freeze too, in case you want to just bake a few at a time.
boulangere March 12, 2013
Yes, indeed! Double-wrap them in plastic before you do, and to thaw them, just move them back to room temp.
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