No seriously. " from Jestei. Help! I didn't have parchment (I'm in a vacation house) so I lined the cookie sheets with foil and the cookies are s...

...tuck!!! Any suggestions, or go we have to scrape them off the foil with our teeth (which we'll definite do because they are that good)

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • July 8, 2013


ChefJune July 10, 2013
Did you oil the foil? Next time try that, if you didn't. Can you peel the cookies off? You might have to use a scissors and cut around each one, but that might work. I always travel with my little cookie spatula.
drbabs July 10, 2013
I didn't oil the foil, but freezing them on the foil and then peeling off the foil worked.
drbabs July 10, 2013
@ATG117, I thought they were ok. Really sweet. Only half of mine looked like the photo. The others were shiny. I attributed it to the fact that I didn't have a mixer (the one in is house is broken), and when I went to use the whisk in the house, it was broken, too. So I didn't get much air into the cookies. I was thinking of trying them again at home where I have more reliable equipment.
ATG117 July 10, 2013
Would be interested to know how you like the cookies. I tried them once, didn't luck out, and I still wonder whether something went wrong
drbabs July 8, 2013
The freezer trick works!! Even though the cookies weren't warm. Thanks, everyone!!
spiffypaws July 8, 2013
Also, as a last resort (and I had to do this today at work with stuck bread in a loaf pan), put the pan back in a hot oven for a minute, take out, flip over and give it a hard, sharp smack.
spiffypaws July 8, 2013
I've used the freezer trick when baked goods are stuck to sheet pans and it works, not sure about when food is stuck to foil. If the food has enough fat in it, I think it'll work.
Tashipluto July 8, 2013
Definitely the freezer will work. I had to do that once myself with choc meringues. I suspect I have commented too late, though. You have to do it while they're still warm. By now I'm sure you've used your teeth!
EmilyC July 8, 2013
The freezer trick came to my mind, too, or similar to Hilary's suggestion, you could use a serrated vegetable peeler to "peel" the foil off! Though this assumes your vacation house has a serrated vegetable peeler! : )
Hilarybee July 8, 2013
Yikes! These are just the first few things that came to mind:
(1) Pie cutter? Use it sideways to kind of saw the cookie off, then scoop it up?
(2) Flip foil upside down? Hope for the best with gravity.
All my other ideas sound way to crazy in my head to possibly work. Freezer? Cookie and tin foil will be cold, slip off?
Or maybe cut around each cookie, then peel off the tin foil and/or scrape with teeth?
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