No seriously. " from Jestei. Are these supposed to be totally crunchy? I noticed one commenter noted that her cookies were chewy within. Mine did...

...nothave any chewiness--just chips and a totally crunchy/hard meringueish..

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • March 26, 2013


ATG117 April 10, 2013
I think I'm giving up. Thanks, though!
drbabs April 10, 2013
Maybe private message Jestei?
ATG117 April 9, 2013
I was ready to let this go, but now that the recipe has resurfaced again in the features section, I thought that maybe I'd have more luck generating an answer now.
ATG117 March 29, 2013
Thanks for the response. With all the commenters on this recipe, I imagined there would be more feedback. The interesting thing was that there was no instruction in this recipe to whip the egg whites. I asked about that on hotline initially. The final product seemed to be off and disappointing. I would imagine they would have been much better with some chew. Just not sure where things went wrong. I would have thought it was the recipe, but so many pple commented about how fantastic they were.
drbabs March 29, 2013
ATG117, I had a similar question about my lemon thyme macaroons. Mine come out thin and crispy, while the editors' version were puffy and soft in the middle. The best answer was that the zest was adding fat to the meringue, which was causing it to deflate. Ive never made these cookies, but could that be the case for you? I'm going to try the macaroons again soon and see if I can get them to be soft and puffy.
ATG117 March 28, 2013
Anything? Would love to know whether I did something wrong--had such high hopes for these
ATG117 March 27, 2013
any takers?
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