Are Ginger Golds good for baking in an apple pie or tart? Thanks. ;o)



AntoniaJames August 5, 2011
Thanks, everyone. I bought five pounds at the farmers' market. My son and I are making a galette this weekend!! ;o)
beyondcelery August 5, 2011
I've done straight ginger golds for apple pie, crisp, and applesauce. They're great! EmilyC's right--they hold their shape well and have good flavor. There's a reason they're called "ginger." They have a subtle kick in their finishing flavor. Add a little raw ginger to your pie or applesauce to play off that. It's a great pairing.
EmilyC August 5, 2011
They work well in baked goods...they hold their shape and have good flavor. I made a pie with them a few years ago, can't remember if I used just ginger golds or mixed them with another variety. Apple pie sounds so good!
Peter August 5, 2011
I know Jonagolds are pretty great so I'd expect Ginger Golds would work too.
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